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My 3d work for share :)

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follow the recomendation of @TheGuma i create this topic to share my stuff free to download (3d models, textures, etc..)

so i hope like to the comunnity and please feel free to comment.



Here i want share this texture i made in substance designer, textures are 1024x1024 and included


basecolor map

normal map

roughness map

metallic map

ambient occlusion map

and the source substance file for edit as you like ;)


here is the link to download free  :)



here some screen caps, the render are in substance designer and the unity 5 game engine




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This looks nice Benmx. Something I would like to see you do in future work though is to reveal attributes for direct in-engine changes. I do not see these appearing in the inspector tabs you have open. If you were to do this (and showcase it), it would make your work that much more attractive I think to potential users (myself included :P).

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thanks @Sigma

in this moment unity5 still dont support some new nodes from substance designer5, that's why i dont show this on the inspector tab,

here the link:



that's why i attach the source file .sbs, if you have substance designer5 you can modify as you wish. ;)

thanks by your feedback!

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Good initiative but a great part of people here are Using source engine ; Wich means Specular based shading =3


About your texture, it's impossible to tell what material it is (Scratched like Metal, Pattern too iregular, crumble bump details ) or if it's supposed to be used on a Floor or a wall since your tiles are very bumped ; Floor are supposed to be flat to avoid people falling by stumbling on =) For your next work, you should take more reference to study the surface and notice some nice details to put in your textures.






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