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[Kickstarter] DinoSystem - Dinosaur Eco-Simulator


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My name is Daniel, I'm an italian indie developer.
Years ago, when I was a kid, i watched the BBC documentary series "Walking with Dinosaurs" and was so inspired by it, that I decided to create a game about dinosaurs ecosystem. It was a boardgame where animals were just little pencil sketches, and rules were printed on a paper. 
Some years later, I decided to learn programming and game design, and then started a project with my new acquired skills: DinoSystem.

DinoSystem is an uncompromising survival and ecological simulation inspired by games like SimLife, Don't Starve and Notrium.

Kickstarter campaign just launched!

Vote for DinoSystem on Steam Greenlight 
DinoSystem website 
Facebook page 



  • Simulated ecology: the game tracks everything from plants, animals and weather, to seasons and day/night cycle. All living things, and even the soil, change over time. Nothing "spawns" from nothing: kill all animals or plants of a given species, and it will become extinct.c27982dfcba2e49ba2678d168d74600b_large.g


  • God mode: introduce new animals, alter the weather, create barriers to isolate a species or lay destruction with calamities. See how the world adapts to your godly whishes, or set the starting rules and just watch how things evolve.6c60f1a3213d68e7cc308d24f36680e5_large.g


  • Human Survival mode: join the ecosystem as a survivor; you require to eat, drink, sleep, stay warm and protect from predators. Build a shelter, gather fruits, farm or hunt: how you survive is up to you. You'll see long-term changes to your body and skills depending on your virtual life-style, even your metabolism, body muscles and fat will adapt!238f202f42924768cb229e51b7668e9a_large.g


  • Dinosaur Survival mode (STRETCH GOAL): if the KS stretch goal is met, an animal mode will be implemented, with the same depth of the aforementioned survival mode, but without any technology and human activity (of course)! You'll be able to mate and pass on your genes in order to continue playing as your offspring.


  • Realistic temperature: the character temperature model is very realistic as everything is taken into account; from proximity to fire, being soaked, wind chill, sun exposure, and even physical activity and being idle/sleeping. Air temperature is influenced by season, time of day, weather and humidity.ed01a7fcbab64d20e4fca19c4d0719f4_large.g


  • Stats and skills: a dynamic, rewarding and unique skill system that allows to adapt to the things you need to do on a daily basis. Stats like strength and athletics depending on character muscle and fat mass, metabolism, weight and general condition.


  • Breed dinosaurs: get familiarity with the ancient beasts, learn how to handle them, steal an egg and raise your own triceratops! One planned feature is to have a genetic pool that each animal inherits from its parents: this will generate a principle of natural selection (and thus small-scale evolution), and will give you a reason to breed a particular animal.


  • Open-ended gameplay: the game has no fixed purpose to fulfill. Play as long as you like, experiment, see how far you can go and how fat you can get, survive the asteroid and its aftermath, or die of dysentery and starvation! The world keeps changing and you with it.


  • Archivements: non-linear, open-ended gameplay doesn't mean you won't get rewarded: the game tracks your archivements as you bring your ecosystem to glory or successfully survive as part of it.
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