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FongHuang [CS:GO Defuse]


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Hello there fellow mapcorians,

since I am having a serious take on this map (saying this at an early stage is pretty foolish), I will be using this thread to show some unregular progress of my CS:GO Defuse map.

DE_FongHuang on the Workshop (current version a5)

Screenshots of the updated, current version can be found down below or in the workshop.








Any comments regarding the layout/waypoints/gameplay are heartily welcome.

For the final look, I am planning to have a modern, chinese, slightly dystopian look in a city, that is torn apart between old buildings being destroyed for replacement, buildings in construction and brand new, finished buildings. Hence the name FongHuang (which means Phoenix). Not sure about the 3d Skybox surroundings yet though. 

Theme research here:


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Alrighty mighty.

Here's some progress, I have been running around for hours and optimising stuff, mainly gameplay-related changes.

I have not tested it with a professional or even random crowd, just had some people running around have them say what they like or dislike about the layout and it was already very helpful.

First of all, here's the workshop link. Feel free to look around and drop some critique:



"Booo, it's still covered in dev-textures." 

And I will have that until I have no reasonable doubts about the gameplay.

Nonetheless, here are some screenshots (you can also see them on the workshop).



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