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"Core Facility, Switzerland: It took long years and a lot of money, but finally the new particle accelerator was finished. The worlds most briliant physicists are expecting new insights on natures work. Still there is a small minority of people that fears the experiments might go wrong and create a black hole: A singularity capable of destroying the entire planet earth. Mobilizing concerned citizen into spending money, they hire a group of professional mercenarys to break into the CORE research facility and prevent the upcoming doom..."


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Thanks for all the awesome feedback!

At this moment I would like to thank the Playtesting Team, without the tests and the regular feedback this map wouldn't be what it is now!


@Onebit: I am impressed how much you found. With the first update I have fixed the most problematic issues, though I will need another update to fix everything. Thank you for taking the time looking for this flaws. This feedback helps me a lot and is really invaluable!

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