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Combat Encounter Design


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Hey MapCore humans,


I'm currently working on a single player map for HL2:EP2. The reason is because I am currently specialising in level design and I want to learn the design process of combat encounters; how they tick, what makes them work, how to make them challenging and fun (basically all the pillars for this part of level design).

So my question: Are there any resources (articles, videos, talks etc.) that you would recommend me? I would like to learn a much as there is to be learned on this subject! (Tips are most welcome!)

The resources I have been using so far:


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I believe indeed that these sources are not the best, hence the reason I'm looking for better ones. However, there is definite knowledge to be found in them. I'm completely new to single player combat, and am just trying to figure out how to create interesting encounters with the same (limited) assets. Any tip are more than welcome!

I've seen that video a couple of times ^_^ thanks for sharing!

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Agreed, a good way to learn is to play the games a lot (and then play some other, different games to get a good feel for how they design their encounters, in contrast). It won't necessarily give you a formulaic guide to creating your own encounters but it is a really good way to figure out which sorts of combat in games you find 'fun', and then from there you can start to pick it apart - Why are these NPCs placed here instead of over there? Why is the environment constructed this way? 

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