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(dota 2) curse of river's end


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yoyo, been a while since I posted anything, that does not mean I've been slacking (even if I have!!)


...had a few csgo maps in the works, then the dota2 workshop tools alpha dropped like a A-bomb! and I've been stuck in them ever since!

here is our (me+1 friend's) first Dota 2 map mod/ugc/cg/level (whatever you want to call it) made in these new AWESOME tools!

it's taken us around 600+ hours (much of which has been tinkering with the new tools and trying different things+play testing), it's roughly 20-30 new textures, including 4 sets of 4-way blends and about 100 new models,

currently supports teh regular dota gamemode (3 lanes, 3 towers in each lane, final objective: destroy other teams ancient), we are also working on a more pvp/rts styled gamemode...hopefully we will be done later this spring...




Time has passed since the event that cursed River's End. The battle between Dire and Radiant forces is reaching its peak as raiding Kobolts and Trolls are scavenging the area.




The layout:




Some suggested gameplay:




Radiant T1 in the town, Freeman's Inn




Dire T1, in the town




Backalley behind Radiant T1




some broken houses near Dire T1




A few raiding kobolts has made their way over the barricade,




Lamarr is chilling in the town well...




the graveyard,




where the creeps meet to battle it out, the graveyard (mid lane)




Roshan (the boss) spawns in the cellar of the broken church, he's got cheese...




alternative way into Roshans pit (for heroes with blink ability/or blink dagger)





more screenshots at the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381995351

(currently you need to have the Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha installed to play) + the map is roughly 130 mb download


I've also recored 40-60 hours of mapping: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgsvKDl416GKvSjSBCUK0LVqWJi97KaRn

nothing fancy, just mapping, shows everything from laying out the level to building the houses, since I suck at youtube the videos are placed in random order (for your convenience:))


edit: if you got the dota2 tools installed you can download this vmap (https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1140657) that contains most of the mockups I made for CORE, me and daskaren are planning to release textures and models once we done with this project, if you are a new/old user of hammer and you want to use the assets/or just curious about the new tools this might be a good start...gl hf!


this map is still wip, and we'll be pushing some updates in a few weeks, more models, some gameplay tweaks etc...


anyways, if you play dota2 and want to go for some ARDM or some normal unranked games hit me up! steam../id/invalidnick


comments & suggestions are always welcome! :D~~~~

thanks for reading!

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Pretty impressive work with the new tools :)


You will have a huge headstart with source2 when/if it becomes the norm for other Valve titles :v


Edit: you should start writing some tutorials about the tools


The tools are awesome! Can't say this enough, they are easy to use and extreamly efficient! I encourage everyone to give it a try! Think that anyone with Source experience will find the transition super smooth!


Started cutting my little timelapse movie from developing CORE, ~50h of recording edited to 20 mins, that + all the original mapping VODs are probably as close to tutorials I've ever make, I'm socialy awkward with very odd humor...and a frequent user of bad words, which would put a big NSFW all over it! and from what I've seen there are already good tutorial-makers out there! :)




Great work! Was nice to see the pictures on Steam during the last couple of months and watch it progress :)


The blue mailbox below looks out of place though. Is it a placeholder?


Good to hear,

The blue mailbox is a little out of place - been a few people wondering about it, it's not a placeholder, it's suppose to be your "homeshop" in the PvP version, i.e you buy all your items from it, so really wanted it to pop a little compared to the background, also wanted to add something to make it more goofy - or less serious, at first I was thinking of something like this: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/188/476298914_2fad7e2c86_n.jpgand having it play a little "fun" sound...

In the DotA version it currently don't have any function, so should probably be toned down or removed


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so, made a little level design time lapse of the development of this map, roughly one hour long (made from ~40 hours of selected footage), nothing fancy, if you are not into level design you will probably find it rather boring, it showcases most parts in creating a level...in the "new" hammer :)


you fid it here:


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