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[UT:2004] DM-Crater


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Hey guys,


I recently started working on a small 2-8 player deathmatch for Unreal Tournament 2004. The maps centered around a large crater which will eventually have some nice crystals/better ore mesh in the centre. The blackrock meshes are blackholder textures as they've not been sculpted yet. I've been handpainting and sculpting all the textures for the environment.






Here's the intial blockout of the map I made before gathering references for the artwork/theming of the map.



Once I was happy with the general layout I started looking over a lot reference imagry, first being a concept skecth i produced about 2 years ago



I then spent a lot of time looking over modern World of Warcraft art, particually the Draenei cities/areas.




and I also had some small inspiration from the overall theme of one of my favourite campaign maps fom halo 1 "The truth and Reconciliation"



I'm just drawn up a short list of the extra meshs I might need and I've started sculpting some of the new assets like this runestone based on the stones in the World of Warcraft screenshots.



If you guys have thoughts or suggestions for assets or art reference that would appreciated, especially for the cave areas I've been thinking hard about what i can do to make them more interesting other than just adding ore and runestones. I might add some artifical props like mining shafts but I'm not sure if i really want it to appear touched by civilization.


Thanks for reading,


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Hey guys,


Quick update on the progress of the map.


















I'm currently sculpting the bark texture at the moment, I'm quite happy with how the maps turned out so far, I've just started working on the skybox and looking at reference for ideas as to what i can add to it. So I've been looking at clouds, planets and starts etc.




Thank you for your time,


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Hey guys,

Just a quick update but the map has been released online yesterday :) I've had some great feedback from playtesters over at gamebanana.







You can find the download like here http://ut2k4.gamebanana.com/maps/187234

and more screenshots on the link below



Thanks for reading,


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Cheers :) Working on another level inspired by an old level called Starlight from Turok - Rage Wars

This is the level in the original game, its a floating temple in space 



I'm going for a slightly larger version of the map with a visual theme heavily inspired by Protoss and Dreanei architechures from Warcraft/Starcraft as well as stargate and Egyptian temples. I'm currently painting the textures for the palace surface :) heres my mockup so far in max its very early days but i want a nice big floating crystal in the centre perhaps with some rings panning around it slowly like the protoss Pylons.


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