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[WIP] CTF Atmos UT4


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Hey everyone, thought I'd create a thread here for my UT4 CTF map which I've called Atmos.
The idea of Atmos came from playing maps like Phobos, Face and Deimos, I loved the idea of battling it out on arenas floating in space, It's not only visually amazing but can create some interesting gameplay mechanics such as gravity shifting.
Now Atmos is designed as a homage to the maps I mentioned, by creating a new map with unique features of it's own but also borrowing ideas and concepts.
Map at a glance [sUBJECT TO ITERATION]
Name: CTF/TDM-Atmos
Themes: Industrial, atmospheric
Requirements: Must stay true to the inspirations of Phobos, Face & Deimos while offering a fresh visual style but in keeping with Unreal.
Purpose: Create an orbiting launch platform? maybe a based station? which has a high level of quality across all aspects: gameplay, visuals & sound.
Here is a very basic top-down layout of the map from it's inception (I have no drawing skills really so enjoy this paint-esque image and some shoddy sketching)
The idea is that the teams start on opposing sides diagonally from each other, there is no direct route per say but there are quicker ways around the map that involve a form of risk taking, let's start with the octagonal platforms.
All 4 octagonal platforms have the 3 routes as shown in the above image. 
We have the route that takes us to the upper platform, which will consist of scarce cover but allow for some brutal battles.
We have the route that takes us to the lower platform, this section will have twists and turns as you make your way through the belly of the orbiting platform.
And then we have the middle route, I call this the choke route.
The idea of the choke route is to allow the player to take high risks to reap high rewards, this choke route can allow a player to get directly to the opposing teams flag (and in T-DM it could cause some mighty fine havoc!) The route will be a little cramped but not too cramped to ruin the speed at which players move, it will have an opening or two though so be careful of those rockets and rifle shots!
There are also 2 jump pads located on opposing platforms, these also give a player quick access to the choke routes, but being the cruel man that I am, there's a price to pay for using them too.
Using these pads will launch the player out of the arenas gravity field, this in turn slows the player down in the air and allows them to become a moving target (bit like the duck game at a carnival but with more gore)
I've yet to test slow down speeds and would appreciate input on this from everyone (of course, this is all subject to change if it really isn't working out, you know it how it goes by now :P )

During a discussion on the UT forums about Atmos I was shown the following concept art found on Tumblr.
This was what I needed, a direction, something to base my architecture on, a seed.
After a few more iterations,  I just wasn't getting any feedback in any way on the UT forums so I feel by bringing this to mapcore I can get some answers, so here is Atmos as it stands in BSP form.
Overview Shot
Shot from outer walkway
Underneath main red building
Connecting building from red flag to blue tower
Top of main blue building through top center connecting hut
Connecting walkway from main blue building to main red building
Shot from red tower in main red building overlooking choke
Shot from blue flag position
Shot from outer walkway
I've left a link below to the current pak file for Atmos, give it a go if you can and give me feedback, rip this thing to pieces, have I lost sight? Am I missing a piece that is staring me in the face?
Thank you for looking at this thread, I look forward to chatting with you all!
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Hey everyone!
So I've been stuck in hospital recently and decided to pick Atmos up again to burn some of my extra time, I've also been looking for an excuse to dive back into the UT editor.
My progression is still in the greybox stage, I'm currently altering the geometry around the map to aid with player flow between points and also placing different colored lights to better visualize to the player where to head to.
The outside space is pretty much done now (except the landscape, that's placeholder)  and I'm going to move onto the inner sections to create some interesting points of contact, will look at using height variation and choke points to keep areas interesting, here are some screenshots for now as I can't upload the map file due to the terrible internet I'm using here on the ward, but thought I'd post here anyway so that progression can start on this again.
(The map download link for the old build is still there if anyone wants to try that out)
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Yeah I agree, I would increase the shadow brightness, for whiteboxing I tend to take a skylight and turn off shadows for ambient fill. Or you can use the auto exposure in he post process volume to clamp the really dark areas ... or assign and ambient cubemap to the post volume and set its intensity higher. In terms of making it easier to read, I'd  minimize those strong colored point lights where the scene is already busy, they are fine in confined spaces though. If I was going to work on a moon base, I'd stick with a single architectural theme so help lower the visual noise you can get with tons of funky geometry in a large open map. Still, this looks like a lot of fun, keep it up! PS: get better soon!

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