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Ubisoft Massive, Open Positions (Sweden)


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Senior Level Designer position open!


Ubisoft Massive is looking for an experienced Level Designer to join the international team working on Tom Clancy's The Division. In this position you will design and build the best gameplay experiences within the growing team of a large and exciting project.


 About the position

As a Level Designer at Ubisoft Massive, you will work closely with Level Artists to ensure an entertaining and beautiful game, where your job is to create high quality gameplay. Additionally, you will be working in close collaboration with the Lead Designer and Game Designers to define core game mechanics. 


Design and build best-in-class gameplay scenarios

  • Guide a pod of Level Designers and Artists to take your scenarios from concept to final polish
  • Create level design that supports and enhances core mechanics
  • Collaborate with Game Designers to tweak and define enemy behaviors
  • Work together with Level Artists to ensure a beautiful game where form follows function

You as a candidate

You should be absolutely passionate about games and the craft of level design. You are comfortable with taking initiative and independently find creative solutions to complex problems. You consider the whole game as your responsibility and work tirelessly to drive all aspects of it that could affect the player’s experience of your level. You should also be comfortable working within a multidisciplinary team, where you will be expected to - through collaboration - achieve the highest possible quality. You have very high standards in everything you do and be devoted to creating the best gameplay experience ever, putting the player first.

Required skills and experience

  • A solid understanding of player psychology
  • Minimum 5+ years of relevant industry experience
  • Worked as Level Designer on at least one released AAA title
  • Experience using game-specific editing packages such as UnrealEd, CryEngine, Hammer, etc.
  • Game scripting experience using Kismet, Lua or similar
  • Experience developing third-person action games
  • Extremely quality oriented
  • Strong communication skills

Additional skills

  • Experience working with iterative development and quick iterations
  • Experience working on an online multiplayer, co-operative or open-world game project
  • Experience using commercial 3D applications such as Maya or 3DS Max
  • Experience developing RPGs
  • Experience from other creative ventures (e.g. music, art, writing)
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