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de_retrostation - Bomb/Defuse
*** Contestmap: Journey to the Center of the Earth ***
by Trempler (trempler2003xxl@web.de)
textures by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info)
models by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info)
sounds by vavle and www.freesound.org

*** Enable r_detailtextures 1                 ***
*** r_detailtexturessupported 1             ***
*** If you forget to do this the map is mostly white     ***

Have fun playing :)


The Retrostation is a secret laboratory located 1,500 miles deep in the ground.

The Station is mostly empty because all research has finished and it acts more like a museum.
Some terrorists have just entered the station, the counter-terrorists have no idea why and what they want there.
So try to find out :)

Full Credit list:

de_retrostation by trempler (trempler2003xxl@web.de)

Thanks for everyone reading and playing this :)

Credit List:

    Thank you Totac for the forklift model.
    Thanks to the creators of the models named hllab_ wasnt able to find the real creators.
    And Myself for every model with tr_

    Thank you Vavle for halfe-life <3
    Thank you freesound.org
    Thanks Marec for stevie-run sound :)

    Thanks CGtextures for a big help and inspiration
    Thanks to PhillipK for his Sci-fi Texturepack great inspiration!
    Thanks to Natural-Selection Team for some of the awesome pipe textures.
    Thanks to Halflife Gold Mod for the crate Textures.

    Thanks whoever made the sprites, wasnt able to find a Name.

Additional Credits

Kaffikopp for the awesome trailer :)

And thank everyone who supports me.

Plz contact me if you use any of my created content.
Or atleast credit me!


Edited by Trempler
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