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The Alien movies

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Confirmed by 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott is producing.  

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Kinda like that episode of the simpsons where they made fun of FOX. FOX sued the simpsons but then halfway through the case, FOX were reminded that they owned the simpsons and were essentially suing themselves. Disney will probably try to buy itself oneday.

Alien as a franchise died with Alien 3. Alien Resurrection was its own thing that I don't count as an Alien film. Everything after has been a beautifully shot train wreck. 

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I find it weird this is happening, the Neill Blomkamp project died because they were going forward with Ridley’s project. Wonder if they’ll still do the film, or that died too.

But i would guess the tv show will play with Weyland Yutani setting the show after Aliens, letting Scott do his prequel thing (if the third is still a prequel, sounded like would be basically a remake of the original Alien).

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