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The Alien movies


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Fox is a company of idiots. They just keep churning crap after crap with the properties they license from Marvel.

I don't think Prometheus did well with critics as well? choosing to approve just because Scott has done a successful movie that doesn't have anything to do with the IP and even the genre is just stupid.


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If they want to colonize a new planet, why are they sending a gay couple? The rest of the cast is ready to mate like rabbits and start populating the planet. Maybe, the gay couple is there to be midwives. 

Maybe I'm just naive and there is a good reason to have the gay couple. The only reason I see is to make the cast more diverse.

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I went to see the original in the theaters again on Alien Day. It was an amazing experience to see it on the big screen again. Even after all these years, it still holds up remarkably well. Ridley Scott recorded a message for the fans and had a little surprise for us. At the end of movie, we got to see about 10/15 minutes of Alien Covenant. The contrast couldn't have been bigger.

The video above was shown as well. Great way to totally kill the mystery. Plus, as if Shaw would go to sleep letting David run around after what he did. But she is rewarded by him infecting the Engineer home planet. Cheap way of copping out.

What we got to see was so terrible, that an audience of die hard fans, simply walked out. About half of the audience just left. Some 'creepy' parts were such over the top CGI gore fests that people starting laughing. This movie is going to be so bad, it will make AVP: Requiem look like an Oscar contender. 

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