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[PAID/ROYALTY] Diverted - Multiplayer Wilderness Survival Game


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Project Title:


Severe weather causes a commercial airliner flying blind to lose its bearings and it crashes somewhere in a remote and uninhabited wilderness area. The players are passengers which survived the crash and must now try to survive in the wilderness against several unfamiliar new threats: a harsh environment, weather, wild animals, and their fellow man.



  • Outdoors, wilderness survival-themed game
  • Realistic, expansive wilderness environments
  • Dynamic day and night cycle
  • Persistent multiplayer (similar to Day Z, Rust)
  • Extensive character customization possibilities
  • Zoomable first or third person view point (full body awareness)
  • PvE (Face the harsh environment and wild animals, including wolves and bears who will compete with you for your primary food sources, deer and fish)
  • PvP (Friend or foe? You choose)
  • Harvesting (skin animals, chop trees, pick up resources)
  • Crafting (Weapons, primitive stone-age type tools & other useful survival equipment)
  • Salvaging (Find modern survival or hunting equipment in crashed airplanes and dilapidated old tools or canned food in abandoned cabons)
  • Foraging (gather plants for crafting or food, but watch out for the toxic varieties!)
  • Fun Realism is our design philosophy--every element included in the game must pass the 'believability' test and the 'fun' test.





Team Name:


Team Structure:

Corey Struzan - Programmer (18+ years hobby, 10 years professional)
(That's me) - I got started programming because of games and I have a great passion for both.

Sam Hulick - Composer (12+ years professional)
Sam is an award-winning composer for all three Mass Effect games + a lot more.

Alex Underhill - VFX Artist (7+ years professional)
Alex is the creator of amazing cinematics for games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.

DeShawn Bellfield - 3d Character Animator
DeShawn is a talented animator that specializes in quadrupeds and x-peds.

Skye White - 3d Character Animator
Skye is an amazing character animator with incredible MotionBuilder and Maya skills and lots of mocap experience.

Peter Phillips - VFX, Motion Graphics, Video Editing Specialist 
Peter is a talented VFX and motion graphics specialist with credits in Doctor Who the TV series.

Umut Findik - 3d Artist, Characters and Hard Surface
Umut is a very talented 3D artist (seriously!)

Kresimir Maderic - 3d Artist, Environment & Hard Surface
Kresimir is a very talented young 3D artist (seriously!)

Previous Work:

Our team members have worked on quite a few projects over the years, but here are some of the more notable ones.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) & Arkham City (2011)
Mass Effect (2007), Mass Effect 2 (2010), Mass Effect 3 (2012)
World of WarCraft server (2004)
Ultima Online server (2001)
Doctor Who (TV Series)
Coca-Cola Polar Bear Game for Kinect (2014)
Wake Up (2013) & Wake Up - AI Training Ground
many more

About Us:

Our project is bound for Kickstarter later this year. We're fixing to make a big splash by putting together an epic trailer that includes cinematics fromAlex Underhill and music from Sam Hulick. We also have a music video from the Space Bards (musicians who have played at BlizzCon) in production to inject a bit of humor into the mix. Finally, we've been working on producing a UE4 prototype / demo which will showcase some of our ideas for the gameplay and a video of this prototype will be shown at GDC soon.

Talent Required:

All applicants must meet the following:


  • Flexible 10+ hours a week to commit to development
  • Willingness to work for zero upfront pay with a backend cut of Kickstarter proceeds to make up for it. Revenue-based royalties also available for dedicated, long-term contributors.
  • Comfortable with remote team work and collaboration via Skype.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize assigned work to meet deadlines.
  • Openness to learning new tools and techniques.

3D Artist (2)


  • Expected to create characters, props and/or environment art.
  • Expert knowledge of 3ds Max or Maya required.
  • Experience with ZBrush or Mudbox required.
  • Experience with PBR texturing with Photoshop, dDo or Substance Designer required.
  • Experience with nDo preferred.
  • Experience with xNormal preferred.
  • Experience with Topogun a plus.
  • Experience with Substance Painter or 3D Coat a plus.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a plus.
  • Experience with skinning and rigging a plus.

Level Designer (1)

  • Expected to create and detail maps and game environments using pre-existing assets as well as create terrains and terrain materials at minimum.
  • Experience with UE4 or UDK toolset (specifically landscapes and landscape materials) required.
  • Experience with procedural terrain generation systems such as WorldMachine highly preferred.
  • Environment art skills major plus.


2D Concept Artist (1)


  • Expected to create digital paintings / illustrations of game elements including environments, props or characters
  • Linear (preferred) or painterly style, as long as it is high quality

Marketer & Social Media Expert (1)


  • Expected to spread the word about the game.
  • Good writing and communication skills required.
  • Experience with social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) required.
  • Experience producing marketing materials preferred.
  • Experience managing ad campaigns a plus.
  • Outgoing, charming, enthusiastic personality a major advantage.
  • Proven or at least convincingly articulated ability to drum up interest and hype about products, especially games.

Web Designer (1)


  • Expected to improve and maintain game's web presence.
  • Wordpress experience required.
  • HTML5 experience required.
  • CSS3 experience required.
  • Javascript experience a plus.
  • Responsive design experience required.
  • Graphic design experience preferred.

Anyone else with elite skills in any aspect of UE4 is certainly welcome to apply as well. 






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