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Brian Birnbaum Level Designer / Environment artist


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I Finally created a portfolio. It took me a while to finally post one (i've made 2 different version and im finally happy with what i have so far) The code page still needs to be written, but overall it is mostly done.


If anyone can give me some tips i would greatly appreciate it!

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You have a really wide variety of work on display (which is good!) - the only thing that really stands out to me is there are some grammatical errors (they're vs their, it's vs its, some weird capitalization, etc). It's not a huge deal since the actual text is understandable and your work is the focus, but IMO since it is a portfolio everything including the text should be presented as well as possible. I'd be happy to go through and proofread/give you a list of the things I picked up on, if you'd like, just shoot me a PM or something :)

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Some pics load a bit slow  I would consider using JPEG instead of PNG. (I really shouldn't be the one to talk, I have some unnecessary PNGs on my own site as well   :v ) 


Edit: Btw no expert on the subject, but I think that JPEG should be better suited for photos (or photo-like images) but you could probably save smaller PNGs as well, instead of ~600kb

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