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Got an extra smoke and some pop flashes.

This smoke should work very well in combination with the balcony smoke to get into B real quick.




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Congratulations on theoperation. Love this map. It is a shit ton of fun in competitive.I found (and used :D) a few one-way Wallbangs and a pixelwalk in front of A though

​No megabump then, didn't notice your post until now :D

Thanks! Feel free to share any smokes or flashes you discover :)

Also, what pixelwalk? I might wanna fix that.

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Sorry wanted to post screens but was too tired that night, so i made a post just to remind myself that i still have to do that :XD:















There are also some funky clownfish swimming trough the glas and walls



Only links because -->

Why cant I insert existing pictures with their URL? It just give me an endlessly rotationg circle 




surely not intetional too

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hmm I'm sure I remember people throwing the bomb at your concave windows after the first playtest. Might be a coffee induced dream though. I'm going to see if I can replicate the GIF tonight. Need an overpriced awp skin first though :D

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So played a few rounds deathmatch of zoo


Hands down the best looking source map I've seen. Everything is clean but there is enough detail to sell everything, really feels like a real place. Haven't played it in competitive but I remember from the very first playtests it was quite fun.

I can only hope to make my maps sell as well as this. So much attention to detail without just adding noise.

Have you got any reference sheets or images you used for this, would be very interested to see how they translated.

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