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St. Mary [CS:GO]


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Amazing map!

Looks really good, and there are a lot of original and outstanding gameplay ideas.


But there are a couple of things that should be fixed/reworked, I think

- You can see many props disappearing (fade distance too low)

- Most players prefer (diagonally) clipped stairs, maybe change this?

- Didn't play the map yet, but there are probably too many hiding spots at bombsite A (?)


All in all really good so far, definitely a map that should be included in a future operation imo.

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Raidix talked about hiding spots on A, I totally agree. Retaking site will be really painful. You could maybe block some areas out like this balcony: 85de109b0a.jpg


And if it still is too hard, you could block area under the balcony too. I'm also a bit worried, how many camping corners the whole map has. I would like to see this playtested here :) Really nice work!

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I had a quick walk on your map now. I really like the look of it. It feels like a nice combination of Cobble and Inferno. Still feels fresh.


I don't know how the layout plays, but i still have some gameplay feedback for the map. A site is crowded with OP defending spots. I see already, that it will be almost impossible to defend the site as soon as the bomb is planted. The B tunnels feel like a labyrinth, because everything looks more or less the same. I walked like 30 minutes around the map and i still feel lost down there.


There are also a ton of boost spots which are probably not intended. The clipping is bad. There are so many bomb griefing spots, that i stopped searching them all, because it's over 9000. The map needs definitely another clipping pass.


My suggestion for you: Remove at least half of the OP defending spots on A. Walk around the map with r_drawclipbrushes 2 and look for all the spots which need to be clipped and clip clip clip. Get rid of some corners where people can hide. There are already so many intended hiding spots on the map, that it doesn't need these small additional spots. For example the one at the arch between long A and Apps.

I also created an Imgur album with some more feedback for you. Hope it helps.



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I'm talking about the balcony upon A here. There are so many camping spots on A that it's impossible for players (re)taking the site to check them all. I drew some of them here. Besides the A balcony and area under it, player can hide behind boxes in garage, in the underpass to B, behind the wall from CT spawn or in apartments (T balcony) and so on. From all of these spots it's really easy to cover the planted bomb. So I think If you remove the balcony, it will reduce the amount of corners and smoother the gameplay.

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