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[CS:GO] [WIP] de_aero


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This is my first hammer project, and it's ready to be playtested (no textures because I am lazy)

Find it on the Steam Workshop here

Screenshots (yum yum)


I wanted this map to follow the basic pattern most maps follow (considering it's my first and I didn't want to take any risks)



Bombsite B:



Bombsite A:





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I didn't want to take any risks...



No risk, no reward... :D

Tested it just now and this is what I think you must fix.

Left route to B from T spawn

Too narrow, better make a simple L shape path or a half square intersection and also widen things up.


Too open and flat. Add elevations to mid, remove some of the boxes and add cover by implementing it into the structure itself.

Rigt path to A from T spawn

The path leading there is ok but the entrances into A are too narrow, one man doors are a cluster fuck, remove the right door (seen from T side) and open that entrance up, add some cover somehow, again, intergrated into the building structure.

B site

Not bad, leave it like it is for now. Maybe add a 128unit high box somewhere or even maybe arrange 1 tall and 2 small boxes together like seen in Inferno at B site.

A site

Too small for my liking and It's basically just a replica of B site (more or less). You can add a catwalk stretching from half of CT spawn into A or add an upper room in the corner closest to CT spawn with stairs attached, etc. There are multiple ways you can add variation to sites to differentiate them apart.

Lastly, alot of structures are not gluded together, more noticeable are the mid gates... Things must be connected to walls, etc, or you'll get light leaks and possible flash bugs & bomb/weapons getting stuck.

All in all, not bad for a first map persay... but with abit of adjustments/tweaks I'm sure it can become playable.


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I haven't tested it, but at first glance the layout is very... boring? I know it's a harsh word to use, but it's 3 long lanes, no interesting twists or turns or interesting areas. It's almost what I would imagine the quintessential dota/lol/hon map would look like if you ported it to csgo.


You need to mix it up a bit, otherwise it's just 3 lanes of sniping.

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