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CounterStrike - Clipping Texture

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to allow throwing bomb through the playerclip is the answer

raidx chart at the top says both clips block c4... And I could not throw the bomb threw this particular section, or from mid to bricks/construction..

I think bots are ignoring player clip, they can often get stuck trying to get through.

yes nav is generated threw the player clip. so In this map for example you must go back and edit the NAV by hand for things like this.

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Thought we cleared this issue a long time ago :)

Different Source games have different uses of clip brushes (either by design or simply an unattended bug...because, Valve :-D)

In the case of CSGO, "clip" and "player clip" are exactly the same (refer to my post in this thread on page 1, link)

@FMPONE: player clip and clip brushes will BOTH block the C4

@hamilton5: As we discussed 9 months ago in this thread, use clip brushes in CSGO to avoid having to manually delete nav meshes from the non-playable areas of the map. nav meshes simply ignore player clips and extend to outside the playable areas, which will lead to chaotic deathmatch spawns and bots trying to furiously jump on map borders if left as is. Clips on the other hand will prevent the nav meshes from extending beyond them which will make your life easier and keep the DM spawns neat (unless you like to spend 2-3 hrs deleting nav meshes then please use player clips :D)

In summary (for CSGO): 

  • Player clip and clip BOTH block C4
  • Player clip and clip BOTH allow you to throw your weapons through
  • Player clip and clip BOTH allow grenades, flashes, smokes, etc to go through
  • Player clip and clip BOTH prevent players and bots from going through
  • Player clip and clip BOTH allow bullets to go through
  • Player clip lets the nav mesh extend to non-playable areas in the map (which is a hassle to clean up later), while clip prevents the nav mesh from extending outside the playable area

Raidix compiled a nice chart earlier in this thread that you can refer to also.

Hope this helps and clears things out.


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does each source sdk have its own clip textures for each game or are all tool textures the same? nav mesh would not even generate in the trees on cobblestone. I can't help but think there is more to it.  thanks for the let down.

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