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Brothers in Arms


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Anyone else play this for Xbox yet? Its a killer game. Foliage didn't look too good on the Xbox, but it should look much better in PC with higher resolutions. There were some bugs in the game, mostly evident on older hardware, but we shouldn't need to worry about that for PC if we get good patch support. Lip syncing was so-so as well, and there could have been better interaction between your character, the other squad members, and the environment.

Otherwise, its rock solid.

I'll trade my whole family, and a person to be named later for BIA2 on next generation hardware.

Gearbox = t3h winnar!!1

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I honestly think the PC game has the potential to become an instant classic in the PC gaming crowd. I was a little hesitant in buying the Xbox version first, knowing I would definitely buy the PC game, but I'm happy I did. Whats amazing is they fit the FPS controls and the squad controls onto the Xbox controller with no problems, the controls were definitely a positive for me.

I just hope the PC version is as bugfree as other AAA titles released in the past few months.

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we discussed this a bit. If you want a signed copy, here's what we plan to do.

First I need a really cool volunteer in america to keep track of the whole thing. You'll all be mailing a copy to him. Then he will in turn mail me a box of games that I will get signed by all and mail back to this awesome volunteer.

If you just mailed me stuff I don't think you ever see your game again.

Sound good?

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Been playing the h4x3d ps2 version a bit, it looks promising but i seriously dont think first person shooters on the ps2 is a good idea (fps with the ps controller? I dont think so), but im sure it will totally r0x0r my b0x0rz when i get the PC version :)~

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Rather than a box, perhaps simply collapsing the PC boxes and pulling out the PS2/Xbox liners and placing them in a sturdy envelope would be more cost effective? :) *shrug*

And yeah, if there's any way to get my hands on a poster, that'd be awesome. Willing to possibly negotiate trade for any current/future project I'm on. Trying to build a bad-ass collection of game posters to frame and line my home office once I get that established. :)

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A poster would be nice! :-D

I've preordered the PC version from EB and just waiting for the phone call that it's in. I plan on playing all night with the settings/difficulty adjusted so that I get the most realistic experience I can with a game 8)

If so, you'll probably want to start on Difficult, but I'd leave the settings on default. If you turn the helpers off, you'll find you'll get your ass kicked. Once you finish it on Difficult, that unlocks Authentic mode. No save points, no suppression icon, no crosshair (this is defaulted anyway), harder enemies.

Prepare for a beating, this game is hard.

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