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El Moroes

[CS:GO][WIP] de_arizona (Motel) - Source files available

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Really curious about that skybox mesh you guys borrowed from Black Mesa. How many tris is that? Sorry for being sort of off topic, I'm working on something similar and still undecided as to what level of detail I want.

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Hey guys ;) 

No surprises or happy news here too after my post on the Arizona thread
My decision is the same for all the projects I had so this one is following the same fate. 

As I did with Arizona, @kikette and me are agree to share all the source files of this map too. You'll find everything you want to check the map...or more. 
Be careful with the fact that we used some models from other maps as internal tests / temp assets (we had the idea to make our own props). 
Oh and there is no optimisation at all.

So, no more words here but the link where you'll find the map : SOURCE FILES DOWNLOAD

And again, I'm sorry if we disappoint some of you...


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