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Drive Any Track [PC] - stunt racer that creates a racetrack from any song

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Drive Any Track (DAT) is futurist, stunt heavy arcade racer with a difference. You can choose any track from your music library and DAT will convert it into a racetrack. DAT is inspired by some of our favourite games like Wipeout, Trackmania, Vib-Ribbon and Audiosurf.

Here's our Alpha trailer:


There's a nice write up from Hardcore Gamer here:


And some screenshots:




We put DAT on Greenlight on Friday, which is making me both very excited and very nervous in equal measure. :(


Our hope is to make it onto Steam, go to Early Access and spend some time developing the game alongside the community there.

Thanks for reading and please post any questions you have about the game.


Oh - and if you like where this is going and you have a Steam account - please vote for us on Greenlight! :)

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Hi guys,


Just a quick update. We've had our heads down since getting Greenlit, but we're now ready for release on Early Access on 21st May.


We also just uploaded a gameplay video so you can see how DAT procedurally generates a racetrack from a song:



Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try and answer 'em... :)

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