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Baldric - A new Indie Game


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Hi Guys. This is Kevin Friscira. I am Italian and I have been developing a new game for the last 6 months.


Its name is Baldric and is a Fantasy MMO/FPS Openworld.
I would like to have your opinion about the game.


I am trying also to launch a Kickstarter campaign with the Beta running to then complete the game and release it.


Here's a little video:

If you want to TRY THE DEMO just download it from here:

I have also created a Tumblr site http://baldricthegame.tumblr.com/ so you can also comment there :)

Any feedback is welcome

Thanks guys


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Hi FrieChamp

depends on what kind of spell. Usually if you use magic missiles it's not very hard if you anticipate enemy moves ( Really I do it all the time and BOOM High dps with a low level spell )
If you use Blaze you litterally headshot people from high distance
If you use the fireball they cannot escape too much because the big explosion area ( Same as the Freeze spell )
Really. In PVP mages are OP if used properly. Don't release the book before aiming with the "green flame" that appears after you make an exact rune combination and you'll have no problems. Just you need to understand what kind of spell you need to use in the right moment. (Magic missiles low range, Blaze high range, Fireball medium range etc )

I hope to have been understandable.
Anyway if you want to test it with me inside the game I'll show you how to cast spells properly. Just add me on Facebook or Skype if you need


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