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De_Oasis (WIP name)

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I'm not posting any reference or layout photos yet for several private reasons, sorry guys <3           I've never considered myself a "serious" mapper, so hopefully Oasis will be a set

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I decided that there will be two separate versions, one of which will be called de_oasis_db. I will probably host a server with dynamic buyzone maps. Hopefully, o

Remember the building in middle? Yeah...

Thank you all for kind and constructive feedback, it helps a lot!

I'll definitely try to stir up some colors, but for now I'm trying to figure out the main details.


Here's a small change I did:


The floor now has marble texture which I made, I think it gives that "luxury" feeling and definitely looks better than before.

Also, you may have noticed...

Where are the cubemaps..?
Don't worry, the floor is not real time reflective and it should work on all graphical settings.

There are two ways to achieve this effect - Have a texture with cubemaps,

have a texture with water properties.

Huge thanks to Skybex I figured I could use the same effect as on cs_workout, basically the basic geometry you wan't to reflect is replicated upside down and the floor is made transparent. It looks very cool if you do it right, and I believe a lot of maps should use this method in the future.


Here's also what you may have NOT noticed, the white blinds behind windows are there for a reason.

You can see that the window frames are not proportional, as the one closest to the exit is a lot bigger. The reason why, is because the blinds give a white backdrop from long distance, allowing for better visibility. Same with the white paint on the wall to the right. Also, they do not act as func_detail brushes, that means they do not draw certain props behind them, allowing for better performance.


I'll keep updating, just at a little bit slower pace now. I wan't people to be updated with "major" content rather than these small changes, I think the next time I will update this thread it will include layout, Bombsite B and middle area details completed and as well as Bombsite A.


Also, here's a candy for you all.

This, is how De_Oasis looked like before I started remaking it from scratch.

Keep in mind that these are old screenshots, and that I was still rusty from CSS mapping.

CT Spawn


A hall (Yup, the same place with reflective floor on the older version...)


Bombsite A. Boxes are still the same on the new version. And they work.


Bombsite B connector

(From here on the pictures are places that I still haven't remade in the proper version, clues clues :P)


Middle area



And this is an entrance to Bombsite B from middle. It's definitely going to be larger in the new version, and it's going to have something unique I'll keep secret for now. Yes, the walls will be wallbangable too..)



I scrapped working on it, but I might release it as a De_Oasis_Old when the proper map comes out.

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Where are the cubemaps..?

Don't worry, the floor is not real time reflective and it should work on all graphical settings.

There are two ways to achieve this effect - Have a texture with cubemaps,

have a texture with water properties.

Huge thanks to Skybex I figured I could use the same effect as on cs_workout, basically the basic geometry you wan't to reflect is replicated upside down and the floor is made transparent. It looks very cool if you do it right, and I believe a lot of maps should use this method in the future

Good ol' Goldsrc :)

I guess that if it looks good is alright, it's good and another tool to use; but ideally I would leave that to materials… any computer now should be able to handle those tfuture


Map is looking good!

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Alright, thought I'd put up what I was working on.

Keep in mind that all the changes have been done in one day. I just couldn't force myself to keep working on the map and kept switching between projects.

I decided I'd keep the other projects secret and reveal them once I'm done with Oasis.


So here's some cool stuff.




Your catchy eye might have noticed that the lighting is different than in the other pictures! You are definitely right!

This building has been done in another copy of the map, so that when I'm done with certain parts of the map I could just copy-paste it over to the final version.

This sort of structure will be used on Bombsite B.



Here's the new version -


There's a few things that you can notice.

I opened up the space by moving the trash bins inside wall indentations.

I've also replaced lattice texture on fencing with glass texture. I'll admit, it looks like bubbles from far away :D (Cubemaps are weird).

A lot of textures have been changed, they are a lot cleaner now. I had to change the inside interior so that outside textures wouldn't be used inside.

I've also carved a lot of brushes to make surfaces and corners reflect light and not look so "dark".

In general my goal was to make everything as smooth as possible. The previous versions had too much dark contrast and cluttered space.


I've also added some red trims for color differences and variations. Subtle but impressive.

The lighting has been changed, I like the way it is right now and it might be the final lighting unless someone offers otherwise.

Lastly, I'm slowly injecting custom content. You can see the advertisement hanging on the building. It will be one of the key details that will be scattered throughout the map to keep visual consistency.


Here's the last screenshot, not as impressive as the first one but changes can definitely be seen!





Anyways, I'm going for the goal for that "smooth" mapping. What you'll notice with popular map maker maps is that they are all smooth, curved and round. They have perfect contrast.

On Oasis, however, I started off as quite a "noob", so most of props were edgy and not "smooth". Eventually, when I started learning and adding detail it made the map a mess.

Right now my goal is to clean up the mess and make the map more consistent.


Custom content is also something that is work in progress.

Give me suggestions and I'll make sure to implement them/change them!

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Okay, so this thread is apparently turning into my little blog.

Hopefully you guy's don't mind.

Also, quite frankly I don't think I'll be able to finish my map until the deadline for operation maps.

But I'll use the deadline as some sort of motivation to keep me going at a faster pace!


Anyways, here's middle in it's current state -




I've added a lot of new custom textures. I do realize that the ground texture in the middle is not the finest quality, however, I couldn't do it any better. I've tried to compensate for it by adding reflective properties and $detail blend on texture.

Hopefully, I'll get a better texture in the future.


Here's the final version of hallway -




Let me know which one you guys like better. I just thought this one fits the environment more.

Lighting is not final, though.


Here's a placeholder skybox.

The final one is going to look 500% better.




Normally, people would use the final geometry shrunken down to make skybox seamless, however, since my map will be surrounded by water in some parts, I did not use scaling placeholders. I just went and made the skybox, that's why it's not final. It's more of an concept art!

But again, you have to remember that usually Work In Progress pictures don't look as good as final ones!



I'll replace the water texture, though. It will be more light blue. Here's what I'm currently using as a reference picture -


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Hey guys, just wanted to ask for your opinions here.

This WILL be included in Oasis if it works, so that's why I'm writing this here.




I decided that my map will have dynamic buyzones.


Something that Counter Strike never had before.

However, in order for that to happen, I need to explain what dynamic buyzones are and what it means for gameplay.

Lastly, to hear your thoughts.


So what are the dynamic buyzones?

It is a new gameplay element.

In normal maps, there are usually two buyzones - One at T spawn and one at CT spawn.

They are limited to certain amount of seconds.

However, with dynamic buyzones, there would be two additional buyzones somewhere at the map.

For example, at middle areas or areas that are very exposed (so you don't just keep buying stuff and spamming, someone can still kill you).

So why are they dynamic and what do they do?

First of all, unlike normal spawn buyzones, the dynamic buyzones would never run out of time. You could buy anytime during the match.

However, it changes the economy.


An example

T's are doing an eco rush strat, their entry fragger gets 2/3 picks.

However, he does not need to wait for the next round.

He can take his time and run to the nearest dynamic buyzone and buy himself a gun.

However, again, he would take time and stay exposed.

If CT's remember the buyzone locations, it would be very easy to take down anyone buying guns there.


As for grenades, you can only buy one of each grenade every round.


So how would the buyzones look like?

Well obviously, it would be some sort of a crate with a laptop on it. The area to buy would be exposed and not very big.



I'm interested to see how this would work out. If I get around uploading the graybox of Oasis, we could definitely test that out on Mapcore!


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So the dynamic buy zones would work similar to Dota's Side Shops. Interesting Concept and could work well, but i think like others suggested, you should look at releasing a version with and without, that is if you want it to be operation worthy. I think Dynamic Buyzones would be too disruptive to competitive play.

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I'm not sure it would be very useful.


For example, at the beginning of a round i buy an AK47, at some point during the round i realise i suddenly need an AWP. Why would i bother to take the time to go to the dynamic buyzone and take the risk of being shot? Plus, i'd lose a lot of money, my fallen teammates would not be able to pick up my previous weapon (the AK47).


And if you kill 2 or 3 people with a pistol, you are most likely low hp. I wouldn't take the risk to buy and loose my new gun few seconds later.


What i mean is that the reward for going there is really low : being able to change the type of weapon you're using during the round.

But there are also lots of disadvantages :

  • You'll have to get to the dynamic buyzone (it can take a lot of time depending on where you are i suppose)
  • You will probably loose money (because you cannot keep your previous weapon)
  • It's dangerous (as you said, an open area)


Maybe I'm missing something. But i really appreciate to see this kind of innovative ideas, I really think there is something to do with this but you need to make it more appealing.

Plus your level is really beautiful, i'm looking forward to be able to playtest it / play on it.

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