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De_Oasis (WIP name)


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I'm not posting any reference or layout photos yet for several private reasons, sorry guys <3









I've never considered myself a "serious" mapper, so hopefully Oasis will be a setting ground for my identity, and more over, I'm hoping it will take the way we look at maps to a whole new level.

(Yes, layout will be playtested, it's just a matter of time)

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Oh man, I really love the looks. I just hope the layout is just as nice because this seems like a map I'd seriously love to play on. 

Absolutely, gameplay is something I have taken into account.

Like I said, I'm not posting the layout yet, but everyone will be able to playtest it during playtesting events.


I have noticed a very sad thing about custom maps, usually after operations (if they get into them) they get easily forgotten.

De_Gwalior, for example, is an amazing map by FMPONE, but it's simply not something that was accepted by leagues.

And the same goes for De_Crown, I'm not saying those maps are bad, but I bet De_Season will probably get into the official map pool.


People usually prefer remakes over new maps, and it depends on how well the new maps can achieve the layout.

Basically, Oasis layout is kind of like a frankenstein of all the old map layouts merged.

It's layout is kind of like Mirage and Nuke mixed together and flattened, and of course, made viable for competitive play.


It's kind of pointless to talk since I'm not posting the layout yet, but I will try to take a snapshot of it tomorrow.


The reason I posted these screenshots was because I remade the look and theme of the map three times, and most of the times when I posted it on popular CS:GO communities people thought it looked like a CSS map rather than CS:GO.

My goal right now is to make it look up to "standards", so that's why I'm teasing you all. :)

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Okay, so here's a really really small change I did, I'm looking for your feedback on which one is better guys!


I have realized that CS:GO Beta had the same problem, apparently fog was too close-up to the player, so I moved it farther back so it could only access skybox details.


Basically, before -



And after -




It still has fog, but it's no longer a primary detail. Fog + Hdr - Washed out.

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Okay, so I'm kind of stuck here.. I've made this building in the middle area, the one that looks like office apartments, but I kinda feel like it doesn't fit. I tried to do United Arab Emirates esque environment where the modern buildings blend in, but I feel like I'm running out of ideas. What do you guys think, should I keep that building or should I replace it? If so, what do you think would fit the most?


On the side note, I've replaced the humvee with a fountain, as it makes more sense. I don't know how a humvee could have gotten up there! :P




Here's one of the reference photos I'm using to make my map.


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I think thats a Dubai picture, please do correct if I'm wrong.

Whenever I think of that place, I instantly connect it with luxury, your map doesnt give me that feeling, it feels like any other middle eastern themed map out there. I think in order for your map to shine, you need to elevate it somehow, hard to say without more screenshots and a layout though. If we could see more maybe we could be of more help.

In regards to the apartment, it kind of does look out of place, maybe if you added more structures like that in different shapes, maybe then you could distinguish and seperate your map from other "dust" maps.


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I like the combination of classic and modern buildings. It looks real and interesting.


But I would modify the color composition a little. On the pictures it looks a little too grey (especially compared to your reference picture). Try to get the colors a bit warmer. Particularly the sky texture should be more "blue" in my opinion.

But all in all it looks really promising. Architecture/geometry is pretty good so far.

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If you look closely enough in comparison to my previous screenshots, you will see that some mesh artifacts are now fixed. (White lines, nodraw sticking out, ETC)

The pillar toppings are now Buttercup™ shaped instead of Oreo™ shaped, looks better and is way more optimized. (Less brushes)



Here's the glorious building. I guess it still lacks some brush-work.




I've added some Mirage-style elevation on bombsite A as a graphical touch. Made the brushes a little bit smoother too.




One less custom material to pack, I guess thats + one up! :D

It's up to you guys, tell me what you think!


Oh, and one more thing... Although I'm pretty capable of making custom VTF textures, like the reflective tarp textures you see in the pic, I'm pretty bad when it comes down to drawing the textures themselves, so I'm pretty much looking for anyone who has capability to make custom models/textures and wants to collab! 


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