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Problem with mouse Razer


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I have a problem with my Razer Lachesis 5600 on my new computer.

I bought this mouse a good couple years ago, my good ol' Logitech Pilot (some kind of special edition with slightly higher DPI) was a bit crazy at the time, and I thought I would soon get a gaming PC anyway so investing in a fancy gaming mouse seemed a good idea.

Other than the amazing form factor (i prefer ambidextrous design) it has always driven me crazy. There was no Mac OS driver, and the mouse seemed to overload the system: it would start chugging especially at minimal, precise movements (you can imagine the raging while trying to work in PS) until I would unplug and plug it back in.

I had basically to turn back to the old Pilot which for some reason never gave me problems anymore.

Now that I bought an ASUS ROG, I finally plugged the Razer back in... and it worked out of the box.

Then after several sessions, started again to stutter especially on minimal movements. I installed drivers (from the website, the original ones are in Italy) which Razer say are compatible up to Win 8.1, and the use was very smooth. One or two sessions after the drivers install, the mouse seems to be not working at all, as the cursor doesn't move at all. Right click and wheel input are being received tho.

I tried unplugging and plugging in all the different USBs: nothing.

I tried the log off trick and it actually works/worked.

But at moments it would start stuttering again, like after some Netflix watching or a good deal of gaming. Usually a reboot would sort it out.

Tonight after the first reboot (computer wouldn't track the movement since mouse was plugged in after the computer was woken up from sleep) the pointer was stuttering heavily, so I tried deleting the Razer drivers, rebooting, and the mouse is dead (except for right mouse and scroll).

What the hell?!

I know I should probably get something newer, but i love the mouse form factor (except it's too light) and I don't want to throw away something that cost me 40€ and I haven't used!

Any suggestions?

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Yeah, i have been reading and that mouse it's a fucking mess apparently. I reinstalled the drivers, it works, chugging. I've cleaned the lens with cotton it and it stopped working. Reboot and it works, lagging.

There's a patch for Win 8 specific for laggy mouses in particular games (not the OS) and it doesn't install, tells me "the update is not applicable on your computer" :ubermad: although it's a fucking x64. I even tried to install the x86 patch for fun, same error.


I just connected the old Pilot 300 and it's working.

Fuck. I want my money back!

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Just grab a new mouse. I've been wanting to switch for a while now as well, as my right mouse button is weakening under the sheer force of my ring finger and keeps getting pressed under unfortunate circumstances. Doesn't happen often though, so I still gotta hand it to Logitech for creating one of the most durable products ever. I literally can't remember when I bought it.

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My last was a Razer mouse DeathAddler 2013 and soon (about 2 months) began to have those judgments, of a time issue stop signal.
The solution was simple, call the store that sold it to me and they referred me Razer representative because the product had 2 year warranty. I changed it equally gold works smoothly so far.

Me too I refused to accept that Razer could make a product failed, but it seems that it was.


Try a USB 3.0 port


Best regards

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I had 3 razer mouses, a deathadder, lachesis and diamondblack.

2 of them broke over time, and 1 i sold. When I had stuttering I often disconnected and connected the usb cable.

However during the years the amount of how many times I had to do that became bigger.

No firmware upgrade ever helped.


I'm now using logitech, I have 2 (gaming mouses) of them. One is good, the other hardly moves when I move it really fast. This tends to be a huge problem in cs:go trying to make quick 180 turns.


I don't know what my next mouse will be but I will never buy a razer again.

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