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Space Engine!


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Hey guys! Have any of you tried out Space Engine? I know there are some fellow space nerds around here, so I think you'll find this interesting.


It's not so much a game as a universe simulator. Basically you can just fly around anywhere in the universe and go from 'space' level all the way down to planet surfaces. There's no objective in the game, it's just fascinating to zoom around exploring our solar system, galaxy and even beyond that, whilst some really atmospheric ambient music plays. Really cool stuff! Really gives you a sense of scale in our universe.


You can view stats of each sun/planet/moon, including atmosphere levels, gravity etc, and you can also find life in other systems! Though that isn't simulated at all yet.


What's incredible is that the entire engine is coded by just one guy.. Pretty amazing. It's coming on to Steam soon as well, I believe it's just been greenlit.


Download it here:




Here's a cool vid showing some of the amazing sights you can see.



And here's a few random shots I've taken:













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