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Hammer - Optimisation questions


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Currently trying to optimise my map so I can do a full compile in under a week (1000 numportals down, 10,000 to go)
Opposite of map-porn:
Focusing on realigning the skybox currently so its shrank to the existing brushwork rather than a 'big box' that contains the whole map- I believe this is the biggest issue with the map at present.
Further questions though that might help me:
  • How important is the 'power of 2' methodology for brushwork? If so is this just thickness or all dimensions?
  • Do hint brushes need to fully seal an area for them to be effective? Does it need to be a single hint brush per side if so, or do you 'fill in the gaps' between the brush and the skybox?
  • Area portals VS hint brushes. Any issues created with me just using hints for now?
  • Any way to 'join' numportals? I've noticed it creates a new one per ground brush.
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Yeah I've watched that one a couple times. everything in it makes sense but it gets a little more complicated when you're trying to apply it to a fully (or close to fully) brushed level. 


Interlopers has answered a lot of my questions so that's good. LOTS of work for me with little visual improvement though.


Lessons learnt:

  • A boxed-out skybox is amazing at hiding bad brushwork
  • probably start optimising at greybox. at least get the skybox wrapped around the brushes as this is a pain when your map is further down the line
  • full compile every couple of iterations 
  • build using nodraw and then add textures to the visible faces, not the other way round
  • Visgroups are lifesavers

Most of you are probably going 'duh' at this but hey, you only need to make a mistake like this once, right?

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