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Ok, Yes they are back. Yes they look like shit. When I backed stuff up I mainly backed up the database so you all get your posts counts and such. I have spent the past 2 nights sitting here slowly upgrading the database since teh backup that was originally made was 60MB and the forums did not want to restore with a file that large (mainly it couldn't since it can't process all that crap). Since the database backup was 600,000+ lines of code, nearly 700K, I had to go through every 25,000 lines and manually run them through the mySQL server. Each 25K lines took anywhere from 5-15 minutes to process, so you do the math.

No the forums are not going to stay like this. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get them to look like they should.

Also the front page won't be back until later next week when I have time.

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