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What software package should I use? [Intentionally Ambiguous Title]


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Sorry this isn't really on topic, but I was hoping someone here might be able to help out / point me in the right direction.


The company I work for, a small travel agent chain, have decided they want some sort of visual playback in their client facing shops showcasing a few lovely panoramas, latest deals and a few ads.


One of the agents knocked together a very rough After Effects file in his spare time which functionally was not much more than a glorified PowerPoint presentation. I initially looked into After Effects and Premiere Pro but chose Ae and started poring over tutorials for After Effects and Premiere Pro, but then I found out that they want to be able to update it regularly as well, potentially a couple of times a week.


The way I was going to compose the "video" was a playlist of 30-120 second clips so that we can playback through something like Windows Media Player and mix and match, and if anything needed to be updated it was a single file and not re-rendering an entire video.


As can be the way, they're very casual about the whole situation and just expect a finished product.


What should I use? I'm seriously considering PowerPoint now, but was hoping for the chance to use Ae/Pr as an opportunity to learn something new. Is there an entirely better product that I've completely missed?



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I've done a bit more digging and InDesign can even be utilised as a PowerPoint alternative with adobe PDF supporting video playback and timed page/slide changes...


I would like to throw myself into AE but with the nature of the travel industry, unless it's a limited time offer (which will still expire and have to be changed) as soon as you post a price it's immediately out of date and it seems massively inefficient to keep updating series of video clips every week to stay up to date...


I was even maybe thinking connecting to our price database and making an HTML/CSS "slide show" with help from jQuery/php so it can update itself (I'll just assign some variables that I update from a text document) and self reference on the last slide to go back to the start. It would support all the standard web trimmings, but there would be a drawback 



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