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Professional Composer | Sound Designer


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Music Composing
Sound Design
Audio Restoration
Dialog | Music Editing
Background Editing
Industry Empire (Strategy-Simulation/PC/Steam) – Sound Design
Garbage Truck Simulator (Strategy-Simulation/PC/Steam) – Sound Design
Beach Resort Simulator (Strategy-Simulation/PC/Steam) – Sound Design
Armor (Tank MMO/PC) – Sound Design
Fishao (Browser MMO/PC) – Soundtrack
Multiverse (Browser MMO/PC) – Soundtrack
Atom Fishing 2 (MMORPG/PC) – Soundtrack
StarTAG (Space Strategy/PC/Desura/Steam) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Bridge Commander 2 (Strategy/PC) – Soundtrack
Eschalon: Book III (Strategy/PC) – Soundtrack
Dragon`s Dungeon (RPG/PC/Desura) – Soundtrack
Gathering of Gods (Online Card Game/PC) – Soundtrack
Poise (Action/PC/Android) – Soundtrack
Magical Christmas (Mach3/Logical/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Inverto (FPS/Puzzle/PC/Desura) – Soundtrack
The Empire (Strategy Card Game/iOS) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Formula Legend (Manager/iOS/Android) – Soundtrack
Smash Arena: Monster Edition (Action/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Jake Andventures (Platformer/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Hanoi Towers (Logical/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Hidden Objects - Spot! Animals (Puzzle/iOS/Android) – Soundtrack
Super Axe Man (Platformer/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
WOW Slots (slot machine/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Happy Garden (Mach3/Logical/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Space Survivor (Action/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
King Titan`s Smash (Action/Android/iOS) – Soundtrack
Rills Blossom (Strategy/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Cham-Cham (Action/iOS) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Lift Rich (Logical/iOS) – Soundtrack
Hexospace (Logical/Android) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Interactive Books & Learning Apps
Overlander Adventurers (Interactive Book/iOS) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
12 Labours of Hercules (Interactive Book/iOS) – Soundtrack | Sound Design
Kids Telling Time (Kids Learning App/Android) – Sound Design
Kids Reading Preschool (Kids Learning App/Android) – Sound Design
Kids Painting Lite (Kids Learning App/Android) – Sound Design
Codea (Game Constructor/iOS) – RPG SFX&Music Set
Trailers & WebToons
Company Audio Identity
With kind regards,
Mark Braga.
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