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[CSGO] FYI: It's now possible to make 1 .bsp work with any gamemode.


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Hi Guys, I mess around quite a bit with Vscript in CS:GO and recently Valve has added a feature that allows mapmakers to read the game_mode and game_type settings on the server. I've seen a fair bit of maps being re-uploaded as a different game mode version without any other alterations; this allows you to set it all in the same map/bsp.
An example of this can be seen for de_safehouse, they've added a script file that enabled or disables certain props when the gamemode is set to Arms Race or something else. See csgoscriptsvscriptsde_safehouserampspawn.nut (open with notepad etc.)  
This means that you can have a very simple script check the server settings at the start of the map, and adjust the map layout accordingly, enable or disable spawnpoints, bombsites, hostages etc. and thus theoretically allowing you to make one map that suits any gamemode.  
The reason I felt like sharing this info is because I like making custom game modes. Currently finishing off the logic for a King of the Hill game mode as seen in TF2; This game mode works well in symmetrical maps, but the new script function would allow mapmakers to make a map that can easily be switched from any game mode to the custom one without having to design a whole new map or even upload a second BSP file. Anyone that feels like making a map for this to release simultaneously with my gamemode or adjusting their existing map, hit me up :)
Feel free to ask any other Vscript related questions as well if you're keen on seeing what it can do! 
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