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Well first post here, some of you already know me from facepunch mapping section.


Ok, i've decided to make a serious CS:GO map, aimed for competitive gameplay. Layout and design is inspired by de_inferno, various Soviet Union building desings, Lithuanian old town diversity (eroding buildings, lack of restorations, emptiness).


So far i've made a playable version for playtesting, post you suggestions and feedback here when you're done testing


Workshop Link


Update as of 2015.01.25


non pakrat, rar'd version with the content will be out soon, once i'll solve a tiny issue











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Just by looking at the screenshot the timings will all be weird.

CT's take around 5-6 seconds to reach both Bomb Sites, while T's take from 16-22 seconds to reach the bombsites. If that's a problem, i could do something to the spawnpoints

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Holy shit those times are huge!


So you're telling me CTs stand there like lemons for a whole 10 - 15 seconds?


I would say given a good T spawn (always have the extra spawns for that element of random) the Ts should get to the site within 1 - 2 seconds of the CTs arriving. For a non rush site, maybe allow 3-5 seconds of set up time.


10 - 15 is wasting a lot of the round time, and probably quite boring for CTs. It also means you are making a lot of map that the CTs don't need to use, but due to the large waiting times may well push right up against Ts encouraging aggressive play.

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minor update

-CT's timing increased (now they take ~10 seconds to reach the bomb sites

-T's will take 14-17 seconds to reach B, and 20 seconds to reach A (still need to tweak that, or move the spawn somewhere)

-added a basement like corridor (should help the terrorists to ambush the B bomb site), sadly the basement exit is parallel to the small tunnel between the mid and B Yard and a tiny elevated yard

-revamped the T spawn yard, extended, shortened and designed the building




Current Layout



various pics








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Moving spawns backwards is a very poor way of correcting timing. You can for maybe... 0.5-1 second or so, that makes minimal impact on the size of the map, but you are missing the point here:


Your map is too big


Look at the size of the van on mid compared to the road it sits, it's practically a highway.


You need to move elements of your map around and reduce the time it takes for Ts to get into the action rather than extending how long it takes for CTs, because you still have the problem that CTs can rotate very quickly and practically see each site from the other.


You also have a lot of unnecessary twists and turns at the T side of the map which literally only serve to extend T travel time and will never be used other than a labyrinth to hide in when the round has finished and CTs will rarely ever see as they serve no purpose (think how often Dust2 T spawn is scanned by CTs on a long rotation to check for lurkers).


Here are some changes I would consider:




You also have some brutally large sight lines which won't be nice for frame rates and are very awp friendly. You need to try and consider more medium/short range for other weapons to be of any use.


However, your detailing looks good, I can appreciate that you're clearing putting a lot of effort into it, but making it pretty won't improve game play.

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ok revamped the T spawn, cut out the street. CT timings still remain, but T timings are virtually the same, except A, when it takes 16 secs to reach it, but i still need to tweak both spawns

also did few visual improvements. Took a pavement texture i had and tweaked a little, also made a new blendmod for it

right now i'm planning to revamp the A bomb site


pics(did a full compile for visuals)

T spawn is almost at the same place, but closer to the condo







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ok did some experimenting with arts, made a grafiti



and few pics from the redesigned T Spawn



Holy sh**! When I saw the second screenshot I thought it was a picture from real life! I'm stupid...

Great work so far, the only problem I see so far is how "open" the map is, so maybe you should work a little bit on angles and cover.

Jeigu nori parašyk į PM, aš irgi mapus kuriu tik nelabai apsistojau aplink vieną temą. Aš tau duočiau savo kurybos pavyzdžių (Su hammer dirbu jau 5 metus)

Galėtume pabandyt prastumt šitą mapą į operation :D

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