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i love bf1942 but


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(the following pertains to bf1942 1.5, but includes certain aspects of mods such as desert combat)

am i the only one that finds small arms combat in a range between 2 players greater then 15ft non existent? i mean...I'm no expert on net code or game engines in general but theres gotta be something wrong here.

many times i find myself with a sniper rifle (i assume its a Springfield most likely wrong) and will go prone, use the scope and let the aim settle....since there an obvious significant difference between when you use the scope and 5-10 seconds afterward regardless of stance. i will see a player strafing and will take a shot at him (aiming about 5ft in front of him....since in my experience of playing this is just how the engine works as opposed to the point and click shot in half life where distance isn't a factor) and nothing happens. i shoot again after letting it settle. nothing happens. usually when you hit someone you'll see what looks like sand coming out of them along with some type of goofy "running while struck by a bullet" look the model takes on. but none of that.

don't get me wrong, missing a shot and bitching about it is one thing.....but to me this makes absolutely no sense, it makes the game so random. in my opinion it seems like the only way to be effective is with artillery since most of the time the impact is on such a large scale. and this situation isn't exclusive to the sniper class....many times i find myself aiming straight at someone with a Thompson m1 bar or otherwise with nothing happening. the only consistency ive found is being able to kill the player running straight at me.

I'm aware of interpolation (ie ex_interp etc) in half life and have read many things about it and seen first hand how it works and this looks feels and acts just like it....but is that what it is? thats why i bring this question before all of you because im at a loss to explain it and i know you guys play the game most likely as much as i do.

things to also point out:

jumping - i notice if i hit my jump key (space) my jump will be delayed and that if i tap it twice in succession after hitting the ground that i will still only jump once.

crashing a vehicle - the delay of actually being killed or injured, sometimes going over 2 seconds.

vehicles in general - driving a vehicle into a wall at 5 mph has the same impact as 50.

i have tried to fix this problem on my own, assuming at first it was my own problem.....ive checked my connection multiple times.....ran bf1942 in the lowest possible settings, ran it in the highest possible settings, played it on my other computer, used different input devices but to no avail.

ive been a very active player of bf1942 since the muliplayer beta for wake island first came out and im sure alot of you have too, and i can say in all honesty that when i aim at something in first person shooters 90% of the time i will hit it (given theres no lag frames or latency wise).i was a competitive cs player for about 2 and a half years and in confidence can say i was the guy you thought was hacking on public servers. i know you most likely don't care at all but i just had to stress as much as possible the importance of you understanding this isn't a problem of me just flat out not being good at the game and getting a bunch of "its ok you just suck Duffy" replies.

if you know anything or can give me comfort in knowing im not crazy and the same or similar has happened to you, PLEASE reply. (and dont be grammar nazi's, im aware i suck at putting my thoughts into text, you dont have to make me cry at night)

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