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I wanted to start a thread to try and document the progress of a few of my maps from alpha to completion; hopefully to receive some feedback on which ones show the most potential, what I should focus on, all the things that need to be improved, etc. as I find it all too easy to invest a great deal of time in a map without showing it to anyone only to discover the immense list of problems once people actually start to play it(Or even see it).

So I resolve to post my work here as soon as possible! All my unpolished, underdeveloped, experimental work. Hopefully I'll finish a few maps, eh?

I am fairly new to mapping for CS:GO and appreciate any advice or feedback.

First up, the first map I created for CS:GO, de_midnight, a map I created for the CEVO CS:GO mapping contest 2014, a map I put a great deal of time into and learned a lot from, but still needs a lot of work, this is the point I got it to before entering it in to the contest:


Game Banana









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Just a few notes from today's playtest on de_midnight, any other feedback or advice is welcomed!



Sickly Yellow, Needs more blue/other colours(Put in skybox Light_Environment)

Nodraw in A Tunnel

Turn down Shadow Alpha, maybe to 50 or 100

Stair in Alley not clipped

Colour corrections might help visuals

Very narrow map

Way too dark, "no idea where I'm going"

Fire escape too cluttered visually

Hard for Ts to gain map control

Lots of chokepoints

Hard to see sillhouettes

Very noisy, busy, hard to see

CT Spawn is very confusing

Mid very small, building too narrow

Light on upper ramp at B too bright, glares in eyes

CTs get to mid way too soon

Place lights more carefully, work on readability of areas

Strange timings

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