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I saw a topic about music in the off-topic section. But why not one in general gaming discussion about game music! And by that I mean music created for games, not music in games.


What I really love about music from games is that it can bring back a nostalgia feeling much stronger then most other music can do for me. I think this is cause the music was always connected to the game while other music is often connected to many moments in life.


I really encourage to listen to the songs while mapping or something so you take your time.

Be aware that it might influence your mapping with to much sand and bunkers :)



bonus (I love the part after 35 seconds).


The music in Doom is still one of the best, and I think almost everyone here knows this music.

Here some of my favourite times ( I missed many):



57.05 I don't like it as a song but it's really psycho starting as some kind of children program music

1.34.10 Wait like 1 minute and 30 sec from here, when it comes it's so sweat :D



I played donkey kong like once, but o man this song:


Maybe more later!

Now let me hear yours!!


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I regularly listen to soundtracks so I could post some more, but those 3 are still giving me goose bumps even after all those years.


Edith.: I have to post this as well because I keep forgetting about it.

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