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[Help?] Hammer stalling when selecting objects


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Hey Everyone,


I feel quite silly coming to ask about a Hammer issue when I should know how to fix it.


In ANY level that has stuff in it. Even dev levels that are full playable layouts. I get an issue where selecting an object will stall Hammer for about 1-3 seconds, depending on how annoying Hammer is feeling. 


Here is the glitch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5kku2crx7nc9982/20150105_012317.mp4?dl=0

I hold down the forward key so you can see that it skips once I click and then jolts forward.


I'm on Windows 8.1 with an AMD R9 290x video card. I've had some kind people test this on Windows 7 with Nvidia cards and they DON'T have this issue.


If anyone with Nvidia on 8/8.1 OR AMD on 7 can test this, I would be super grateful to you.


If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.


What I've done.

  • Re-install Windows.
  • Update video drivers
  • Roll back video drivers

EDIT: changed video to better show issue.

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That's weird. Does it happen since the last time sdk was updated, since you moved to windows 8 or since you installed the R9?


Maybe you can't fix it but use a workaround like installing w7 aside w8. I've got different OS installed for software compatibility issues.


I'm out of ideas right now, sorry :

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Did you check your graphics drivers settings (is it still catalyst control panel? haven't used AMD cards for years) for settings applied on the sdk?

Do you run other software like sweetfx or fraps in the background?

Does it appear only in CS:GO hammer or in every hammer?

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Ah yes - I should have mentioned. It does happen in the SDK 2013 and CSS Hammer.


Since I've also recently formatted my computer I was able to test it with only Steam and drivers (new and old) installed on my machine. The issue stills happens.


My next test is to install Windows 7 and see how that works out.

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I am going to sound like a total eejit, but I thought that was how hammer actually was for everyone!


If a map has detail - especially lots of meshes, I have that problem all the time. Only way I have found to combat it is to cordon the map, or press the number "1" lots of times so that less is being rendered in the Hammer view port.

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My hammer does freeze from time to time for a couple of seconds, kinda annoying, always think the program will crash.


i5 750


gtx 770



Autosave perhaps? That's at least what I have on and it does that 1-2sec freeze every 5min or 10min (can't remember which I had).



It freezes quite often for me when I have the properties window open, crashes even more often if I'm doing a lot of I/O related stuff where I have to open/close that window a lot.


Glad for TopHat that the issue is resolved, not so glad for me that I also own an AMD card..

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