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Crazy Bump Alternative (Texture maps from a single image)

Tutorial Doctor

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I haven't been on this site for a long while (was getting more into the programming side of games), but now I need to get back into the art side. 


Recently I discovered a Crazy Bump alternative while browsing a forum post on another Crazy Bump alternative.


Awesome Bump is a very good free and open sourced alternative to Crazy Bump:


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No problem. I have also found a free and open source alternative to the Unity3D game Engine, I am testing both of these, along with Blender to see if I can get a solid workflow going.


It is called Godot:



I was there from the beginning when both Game Maker and Unity3D were still not so known. I see the same potential already in Godot (which they say has only been out for a few months.

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