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This is a winter themed TF2 map that i have been working on and off for quite some time. It's based on an old map of mine, cp_millstone that was my first TF2 map ever. But i made mistakes and it just didn't work. I did another map in the meantime, pl_5curve, that turned out much better.


But a year ago, i returned to this one. I was only able to work with it occasionally on and off but now that i have vacation time, i ended up nearly finishing it. I experimented with different styles over the time, from sunny to dark with different versions. But then i tried snowy (it's atm cold as hell here in Finland) and it just kind of clicked and looked what i wanted.


Without further words, Payload gamemode, longer track than usually, one more control point than usually in Valve maps and lots of work.


Some images:


- Starting area

- First capture point area

- Second capture point area

- Path to the third capture point area

- Third capture point area

- Last area and 4th capture point on the right



Download link, get the map, click here!


Any further feedback is welcome, but this most likely is the version i will release as final. Thanks!

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