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El Moroes

Open positions in Arkane Studios

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Arkane Studios Austin is hiring.


Arkane is looking for strong Programmers: Tech, Lead Tech, AI, gameplay... Contractors are welcome too, must be working at the office.



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Arkane Studios Austin is hiring.


- Concept Artist.

- Environment Artist.

- Senior Character Artist.

- Technical Art Producer.

- Senior Technical Engineer.

- Contract position for a Technical Animator.


You can apply here: http://jobs.zenimax.com/locations/view/3

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Arkane Studios (Lyon - Fr.) is looking for a level artist.

A detailed description of the post:  


Arkane Studios, LYON Offices in France, is looking for a world class Level Artist to work closely with the Level Designers to design and create immersive game levels.

•    Work directly with the Level Designers for designing and building levels, to make gameplay and 3D space function harmoniously, and maintaining it until release
•    Partner with Level Designers who will provide narration, game ideas and scripting and collaborate with the Environment Artists who provide art support for textures, final models, etc.
•    Propose ideas and visual references for game locations
•    Work out the details and concept modular systems of architecture for levels
•    Assemble his/her levels with the textures and 3D models provided by the Environment Artists
•    Produce 3D environmental assets variations if needed (based on assets originally created by the Environment Artists)
•    Basic lighting knowledge are desired
•    Optimize the final levels for performance
•    Use the game engine efficiently to create maps that run smoothly on consoles
•    Work with the Lead Level Artist and the Level Art Director to ensure artistic unity with the entire project
•    Travel may be required, but less than 10%

•   Sensibility for architectural spaces, volume in general, circulation, lighting, details distribution and image composition
•    2+ years of game industry and or (significant) modding experience is preferable
•    Good handling and experience of (at least one) 3D software such as Maya for modeling
•    Good handling and experience of (at least one) game editors such as Unreal, Source, CryEngine, etc…
•    Capable of identifying and supporting gameplay needs and constraints within a game level
•    Capable of working within technical constraints
•    Understanding of modular construction methods as it relates to design, memory and performance
•    Good organization and time management skills
•    Good oral and written communication skills
•    Must be a self-motivated and energetic team player with a very strong work ethic and cooperative attitude
•    Passion for games and gaming
•    Experience in photography, cinema or other related domains is a plus
•    Work samples

The position may require an art test


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Would totally apply if I didn't launched my compagny (even though I don't really stand a chance, but as we always say, on a misunderstanding it could work :p).

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