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Franck Fitrzyk - Level Design / Game Design


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Hey guys, 

I've finally done a clean portfolio! 
I'm following a 5 year training to game design & management (I'm in fourth year now) but I want to focus on level design.

I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

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I've scrolled through the pdf file and just couple things:

  • the references don't have an email either clickable or plain text
  • Scorsese's name is misspelled (it's ScorSese)
  • I find heavy on the eye the use of m-dashes to separate the lists in the interests, what's wrong with commas? :)

In general I think it'd be nicer to have some more line-spacing in the paragraphs, looks like you want to keep the document in the 2 pages, so I would remove the music+cinema mentions in the interests (as they are pretty varied, nothing really stands out like saying eg "fan of Korean horror movies") keep the interest one paragraph shorter (in vertical space) gaining precious space you could use to work on typography

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      I've release the project on the ue4's Marketplace. LINK

      There's also a playable demo that you can check out here: DEMO

      This was my most time consuming project that I've started back in 2018, but then scrapped and returned to it in 2021.

      It took about 8 months to complete and was a great learning experience for me. 



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