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The Steam Sale Thread


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I saw Shadow of Mordor getting nominated for GOTY so I'm tempted… but I have such a back catalog that I'd buy if it was cheaper.

From my wish list I might get The Wolf Among Us, Stanley Parable, Another World (remastered); maybe an adventure like Gemini Rue or something.

There's also stuff on green man and other.

I haven't had time to properly browse offers… I shouldn't really buy anything actually.

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I'm playing Shadow of Mordor atm and having a BLAST. Deffo recomended, i can see why it's many people's GOTY for this year, it's really well made and you can really immerse yourself in that universe.


As for me, i stopped playing PC games for now anyway so... nothing, yay for extra money in the bank. lol

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Dark Souls is supposed to be God's gift to gaming. I played it a bit on the PS3 but I wasn't impressed. It's now on sale for 5 euro for the PC. I heard horrible performance stories but I already spotted some solid guides on Steam and they've now dropped GFWL in favor of Steamworks. I got a back catalog that's enough to entertain me a year. So in short, is this a game I need to have played? If so, do you recommended the PC version?

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What's the difference between Deus Ex Human Revolution and the Director's cut edition?

For some reason I have Deus Ex from some previous Steam Sale for sure, but I also have the Director's Edition in my wishlist  :?


I also own The Missing Link DLC so not sure why I did add the Director's Cut... probably just forgot I already own the game (never played yet)

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