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you really have used 1000 triangles for this head ? If so, thats really not well distributed. head should be like 500 regarding the polycount and sometimes edgy look of the body. thats really a bit over the top. If you wouldn't have told that, I'd have said "nice model and texture, whats the poycount". You can't really see 1000 triangles in the entire face O_O

Thats really too much and I can't imagine where you put all these polies, so thats quite a point to crit for me, sry :/

polyt distribution could be a lot better then...

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Thanks for support and crits,

Is 1000 really high for a head?, 4000+ poly characters are not so rare anymore and I'm pretty sure over 1000 for the head isn't so bad since thats a crucial part of the model. Saying that, looking at this wireframe there is probably quite a few I can cut down on. The problem with this character is that it is primary intended for a high poly animation and I thought I would just adapt it into low poly character for my portfolio. Also extra polys are there because this doll is in 3 pieces (not including the hair) which are body, head and mouth.


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