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Ha Long Bay style - Far Cry 3 Map/Environment


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Hey guys, I've been working with Ugui for a week now on a Far Cry 3 map with a perticular methodology...


Ugui came to me and proposed me to create a map without planning anything. The was to bypass the fact that we couldn't work together at the same time on the project file. We didn't find neither how to copy/paste from a project to another. So, we didn't plan any layout nor sketches. We just agreed on the map's theme which is to make some Ha Long Bay style environment.


We still don't know what gameplay we'll put into it but the process is pretty much exciting! One of the rule is that we can change/erase what the other has done without any problem, just to improve, if we fill it's better for the map. A few steps back but to go way forward. 


The fun is discovering everytime what the other has done sine the last time you worked on. And this is so inspiring! Plus, the map is pretty large so we have a bunch of things to do and that allows us to change our focus is we are pissed of some part of it. 


Of course, we loose few minutes each time we open the project file but the benefits are so great, so inspiring that it is totally worth it. The motivation is to the top 'cause the other can find and idea that will change the all thing and give you a whole new vision of the scene etc etc.


This is probably the most joyful iteration process I've worked with 'till now! Of course, it's based on a strong confidence between us.


After a week of cool work, beside other projects, here's what we've got:














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It seems that you can't publish a solo map to the community, the tool is only to create multiplayer maps. So you can create a solo map but, as we did, you have to play it directly in the editor. 

I haven't played a lot to the multiplayer ( as there were noone on it) but it wasn't that good and i've never seen a community map running. But the community looks pretty active so there's probably a lot to look at. 

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