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I really enjoy, for some reason, making of's of maps. I really like the insight and to hear what the creator thought at different stages.



A perfect one is the making of de_sparity from 3kliksphillip:

It's incredible detailed, long and has a lot of insight from his perspective.


Another one is the making of de_facade from maxgiddens (the co-creator of the map).


Its good and a interesting read, altough not as indepth as the one from 3kliksphillip.


Of course, the infamous making of dust2:


Really interesting, read it if you have a bit of free time, its worth it.


More of an interview than a Making Of, but still really interesting, a interview about de_torn:



The makin of Sienna, from the dust2 maker:



A making of DM_Zest, a HF2 Deatchmatch map:



Making of de_cistern, quite indepth one focused on detailing:



Castle's YouTube channel, random building episodes of different games and engines, worth a look:



Making an Indie game: Dear Esther


A powerpoint presentation on video, quite interesting



Is anyone else interested in that kind of stuff? Do you know something like that? Post it :)

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I'm not really sure if the A cat is a good idea. Seems like it'd never be used because getting across it to the stairs leaves you vulnerable and even then, it takes longer to get onto site than Long A. Maybe I can make it wrap to beside the site instead of across from it





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I am in the process right now of a making of actually. You are able to see everything I am doing in the addition of a completely new super complex cave system in the world of a game I am working on. Here is where the new project begins. I will have a new episode out every day.




Its a massive undertaking and I am in full on crunch mode to get it in place! New video every day at 6:00 PM EST.

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