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[CS:GO] de_(snow??) - Mapping Journal


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note: I don't really have time to take on a full de_ map project, but I will return sometime in the future. I'm not gonna use the layout I drew out, but I'll definitely be keeping the theme, and other ideas I had for the map.


Hey MapCore! I'm starting my first CS:GO de_ project and I'm taking you all along for the ride. I've been working with hammer on and off for 8 years, but never put the time into making a serious project, usually just made bland surf maps, but always tried my hardest to make the maps fun and fair feeling.


Here are my main goals for this map:

  • Snow theme - Cool lighting outside, warm inside (Possibly in a nordic village or a mining facility)
  • As close to 50/50 balance as possible
  • High skill cap (Lots of interesting smokes and possible strategies)
  • Easy to learn layout

I don't expect this map to be ground-breaking or in the next operation, but I hope to learn a lot and build the skills to be capable of making a popular competitive map!


Here's a few pictures of landscapes that show the feel I'm going for


Ideas I may include:

  • 3dsky with mountains and a cabin on one side, lake (frozen?) on the other side.
  • Eastereggs!

Here's a quick layout I drew out



And here it is with some explanations



Obvious issues with the layout are the mess of short A and the route to B from T being short and basic.


How I'll fix those:

  • Move T spawn down and back
  • Move A Long further down and redo the A Short/Mid connector area
  • Redo B to T to something more unique and intricate.

Other Changes:

  • Move the CT mid awp stairs to the opposite side. Too easy for them to get a watch on mid.
  • Move the box on CT Mid awp to the front so they have to risk being seen/shot if they don't want fall damage

What's next:

  • Building the layout in hammer with dev textures
  • Getting some friends to help me test it

Questions I have:

  • What are all of the commands for testing a map solo (checking out scale and whatnot)? I always made a point_servercommand and logic_auto to test my surf maps quickly and easily.
  • I made a logic_auto with these outputs, and a point_servercommand named "servercommand" and just visgrouped all spawns except for one.


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Threw it together in Hammer. Scaling it to how I want it is a lot harder than expected, but I feel like I'm getting closer to how I envisioned it with every adjustment.





One thing I really want to do is add more high ground. Right now it's so two-dimensional with just the two CT sniper spots being raised 500 or so units. Also gotta "streamline" the terrorist routes, because every path feels really out of the way and too much downtime of just running straight.


Here's another change I made:


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You should get a playtest soon. I think CT's will have a hard time defending this map.


Seems like it, but there are a lot of really easy smokes CT's can pull off to block sites, and smoking stuff off as a T is significantly harder. Also I haven't put the random crates in to give CT's cover yet so that should help as well.


Anyways, I redid the entire map and used dust2 as a reference for size this time, and it finally feels like an actual map  :lol:





A site



T spawn



CT Mid AWP with B long vulnerability



Obvious issues before playtesting:

  • Long A is too straight and boring and the point of contact is too early. Probably going to make it start in a ditch and ascend. 
  • Needs way more cover for CT's to camp behind.
  • Still a lack of complexity in some areas. Too many flat straight corridors.

I'm not really sure if the A cat is a good idea. Seems like it'd never be used because getting across it to the stairs leaves you vulnerable and even then, it takes longer to get onto site than Long A. Maybe I can make it wrap to beside the site instead of across from it?

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