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Hello, I run the mod Desolate found at http://www.Desolatemod.net. Me and my partner have had this mod in the planing stages for about 3 months now and we have gotten our team together with a solid concept.

If you'd like basic info on our mod, there is a short discription on the site, if you'd like the full concept email atamaca@gmail.com to have it given.

I have a fairly large team, you can find the roster here Our strongest point would most likely be our coder, he is very experienced and runs the site http://www.sourcedc.com

Some renders for your enjoyment M4 Side View and M4 first person This is just an example of a model which can be brought to life by the work of a talented skinner.

I myself am the leader of Desolate and my strong point is mapping/texture artist. I have over 50 textures made so far and many generic map models done for our mod.

My team is talented but we seem to be lacking a player modeler and model skinner. If there is anyone here with these talents and is interested, please sign up on our forums and give some information about yourself, please also show your past work and after one submission of finish work you will be an official member.

It's not my idea to ask on forums for help, I prefer to find my own, but this website was forwarded to me by one of your members and he said I could find good help here.

If you would like to speak to me and my team or you would just like to support us, please idel #desolatemod on gamesurge.


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Hmm works fine for me, maybe it is back up now, sorry for the inconviences.

I haven't really heard from anyone, I hope maybe if I show more content it will help, tho I am trying to keep all my content hidden. This is our modeled Para Ordnace pistol, enjoy.

http://img158.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img158& ... ara0bl.jpg

Also nice to see RD here, wonder if you remeber me :)

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People seem to get pissed off with mods only having weapon renders to show, as its kinda the norm for mods to have little else to demonstrate. I can see why people are bored of seeing it, but at the same time, I'd rather have weapon renders than absolutely nothing. I also tend to prefer weapon renders to crappy generic map shots that use entirely standard resources and look like shite :D

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Llike I stated before I'd rather not show all of my content. If weapon renders are not good enough for you, sorry..We have some nice concept art and maps done. I have made tons of my own texture, made some sprites and have been doing other various things.

This is exactly why I don't ask for help on forums.

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