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what was your favourite / most inspiring map

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For me it was dod_avalanche for goldsrc.

The gameplay on it was really amazing. And it learned me valuable lessons in mapping.

Like how height influence gameplay. The power of mapping under 45degrees. How good broken stuff can look.

The power of a good layout. And that you should not be inspired by dod if you map for a deathmatch mod in a matrix style setting :)



What is yours and why? Footage prefered.

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School II  

This was a really fun map while playing UT   cs1.6 I think de_torn was a beautiful map with great architecture  de_torn : The Interview with Crinity and Madcross  http://twhl.info/articulator.ph

Overpass for sure, I started playing CS around the time it came out, so seeing it evolve from complete shit to, in my opinion, the best competitve layout in cs:go was really cool to me. The four lane

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CS:Office from Counterstrike (1.6/source/go) as a casual 20 man experience




What I think this map does really well- and it may of been the first CS map to do this well- is tell a story just from its layout:


  • Starting as a CT you have to breach the office and save the hostages that the terrorists are protecting from a fortified position
  • The difference in texturing forms a kind of 'mental barrier' between the inside and outside of the map.
  • Details like the toppled vending machine showing the conflict but also adding to the design.
  • Design allows for both CQ and long range plays.

The source version blew me away when I first saw it, details like exploding fire extinguishers and great texturing, but in retrospect was probably the weakest version of this map- too much prop_physics that caused clutter and even blocked doorways. I think GO has hit the sweetspot between props, looks and playability. 

DE_Dust2 has it beat on the scalability/competitive edge but CS_Office is always great fun.

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:lol: change to an office. No one cares about office workers


This has me thinking through...Imagine office but with a strongly defined middle. Middle being the 'main entrance' to the office and two more stealthy entrances (roofs or windows etc). Could work better for 5 vs 5? on the current office you only need to hold the two paths to the hostages.

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:lol: change to an office. No one cares about office workers

haha :)


What if I make an abandoned school overgrown with plants? I love in the Netherlands, no shooting at schools so far.






I don't recall it, mind link/name? :$



The first one is ts_supertimor. Second one is ts_Kissmeyerbasic, both made by mazy.


Here is a nice video with ts_supertimor at start and 1 min 15 (not best video):


I really liked ts_supertimor. My favourite map from ts was ts_hammertime, it had really great z-play in it.





I loved that part. Specially when they kick in the door. And the part where you get knocked out. In the video he already broke the stair on his way down. I didn't had that so after the 2 door confrontations I tried to run back on the stairs :) . Damn my hard was pounding :)

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