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Time-killing with short games etc.

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Hello everyone!

I've recently got a new job which from time to time requires just being steady and waiting for a call (it's customer service, you guessed it right :D ). That said, I still am allowed to use the internet to kill time :)

I went through Sjonnson's topic here  as I can relate to him, but what about some online games and creation of those?
What i've come across for now is the mightyeditor here with some games already made: http://mightyfingers.com/engine-demo/ was great fun, recommend it to everyone, but what about your recommendations? Miniclip etc is great i know, but I quite like the idea of creating the games... :)


Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, with so many games on the store right now, i feel most games just try their hardest to get your cents, than in actually trying to be a genuine good and fun game. Sigh... fucking new age gaming infuriates me.


Anyway, yes, hearthstone, peggle and pvz2

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Wow, I was a bit out of town for 3 days and you guys are making hell of an advice!

Thanks, will check everything out as soon as I start being lazy at my job :D

For @pampers - will probably do that too... in time :) As @AlexM said - learning so much requires concentration.

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