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[CS:GO] Need help making map bigger


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Layout looks really interesting! One thing that it's lacking that would make it bigger is an actual "mid" area. Right now it just looks like some pathways connecting different sections of the map, but a big mid area that T's can push up on strategically to get closer to either bomb site, while leaving CT's with enough room to react/defend would greatly improve gameplay (See dust2, mirage, cache, season, etc.)


Also you should leave more open space on the CT end of both bomb sites. The bomb sites both look sort of enclosed, which makes for a frustrating and less fair feeling map.

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I would tackle this first:



Also for me it's a bit hard to imagine the scale. It doesn't look to big right now.

thats what i need help with, making it bigger. i have a workshop link if you want to download it.


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While I do like the overall structure of the map, I think it needs quite a bit of tweaking since as it stand it seems incredibly CT sided to me.

Also, while looking at you workshop overview it seems that you have created the entire map on a single plane, which is not at all the right way to go about creating the map, also from the workshop overview it seems that the entire map is just too small, like I wouldn't worry so much about making more corridors and what not, I would worry more about making the existing corridors and areas bigger.


When you reach the point you're at now it's a good time to test out simple rush timings, that means load up the map, try to spawn on both sides and note how long it takes for each team to get to the bombsites, you can compare this to the current map pool, I'd say a good starting point is 10-15 seconds for the T's and little less for the CT's but it can vary and the most important thing is how the timings of each side plays together.

That'll also show you where the conflict points are (i.e. where on the map the teams will clash). When that has been established it's a lot easier to make tweaks to the design that'll benefit the playability of the map.

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