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Wasteland HL2 - Sniper & Signurai


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alright, postman said I could post here as well.

These are 2 models I did for Wasteland HL2. The first one is a sniper (that's what they told me) and the second one is some weird guy, didn't really figure out what his armor was in the first place, until postman told me :D

Anyways, hope you like them :)



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The models look good, but...I mean...is that upper guy wearing a cylinder? And a tie? And the character below looks like some sort of flip-flop ninja. But on the other hand I'm sure Posty knows what he's doing and I guess the post apolcalyptic style has to be a little bit freaky. Would be interesting to see the concepts.

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nope, didn't start this guy, but actually he really IS next on my model list :)

Cause this tankbuster guy has such a bad perspective, that'll take more time to do. I hope the next concepts have a more fabi-friendly pose and actually have some feet :)

I have to do the uv for signurai first, though :o

hate it

(i really need to get my name changed here :D think I'll mail mikezilla again for this)

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